My Canine journey

My Canine journey

I started with Dogs in 2015 when my mum died. Enter Louie my Cocker Spaniel, he was 6 months old and i was his 4th home.

He had separation anxiety and i made all the common mistakes that pet parents make.

I then got involved with fostering romanian dogs, thus my love affair with rommies began.

I then got my first wolf dog. I fell in love with the breed when i was doing my research into what dog breed would suit my lifestyle. However i realised they were a specilised breed and not suitable for a first time dog owner. 

With all the traits that a lot of rommie dogs present with, i realised they were similar.

Enter Saffi into my life.

She has helped me so much with my foster dogs and my personal learning journey.

I fostered and rehomed many dogs from Romanian and Bosnia.

I also do homechecks for many rescue centres.

I set up my own dog walking in 2018, then started to do courses for dog training.

I completed on the job training with a fantastic dog training company.

I then completed the Absolute Dogs Pro dog trainer course and a specialised romanian dog training course.